Andrew Yang Loses the NYC Dem Mayoral Primary. What happens next to his Future Political Career?

The Democratic NYC Mayoral Primary Election Day just concluded, and Andrew Yang just gave a “concession speech” to his supporters, in their Election Watch Party earlier in the night. Since he had a poor performance in the First Rank Choice Voting Results, and Eric Adams is still currently leading in the Unofficial Results of the Democratic Primary. But that won’t be the Official Results since the NYC Election Officials said, the RCV Counting might take up until July since their expecting a LOT of Early & Mail-In Ballots, that’s gonna need to be count as well. And for now I’ve been holding my breath for now since I believed that, Yang might still pull off a comeback win in the last day of Vote Counting. Now the results of the NYC Democratic Mayoral Primary RCV Election is now officially out, here’s the results in the Final Round Tally of the Votes: Eric Adams gaining 403,333 or 50.53% of the Vote & Kathryn Garcia receiving 394,907 or 49.47% of the Vote. That’s according to the News Website:

And now that the NYC Democratic Mayoral Primary has concluded for a Month & 2 Weeks now, the Yang Gang’s Moral & Optimism of seeing Andrew getting to serve as the 1st Asian-American NYC Mayor, being destroyed by one Eric Adams who was a former NYPD Officer & NY Democratic State Senator. I really did thought that Yang can pull off an upset but of course that didn’t happened, and there are a lot of things Yang & his Campaign Staff realized on that Primary Campaign, especially when it was bout his flaws & mistakes during the middle & final moments. Trying to appease himself to the NYC Jews Community, being hammered by the Pro-Palestinian Americans for the comments he said, that did really angered the Progressive NYC Voters THAT HAD a distained look to him ever since his Presidential Primary Campaign for other reasons as well. I had this thought about why the NY Local Establishment Media HAD GRILLED all those NYC Dem Mayoral Candidates bout the Israel-Palestine Issue in the first place? Like those types of questions of course belong in the International Politics & should be discussed much in the Presidential Primary Debates TBH.

And this Israel-Palestine had been a MAJOR Political Discussion towards Americans that of course took sides on both Countries, the NYC Dem Mayoral Candidates did also took sides on it PUBLICLY which probably did fired up, the both Pro-Israel & Pro-Palestine Americans. This is of course where the domino of Andrew’s Down Fall started, the statement he made that signals he sides with the Israel more than the Palestine, which made most if the Rabbi Jews happy and most of the Palestinian-Americans be furious in the process. When Andrew was Interviewed by Krystal Ball & Kyle Kulinski 2 or 3 Months Ago bout the Israel-Palestine Conflict of course he wasn’t comfortable by it and I understand that*Side Note: I did also supported his Primary Mayoral Campaign too* while at the same time IF HE wants to be really accountable to the American People then he should at least try to answer reasonably to the likes of Krystal & Kyle since their not that type of Media Personalities like the ones seen in MSNBC etc.

And him lastly sounding off somehow as a “Normal Political Candidate” during his Mayoral Campaign, unlike his “Outside of the Box Orthodox” Presidential Campaign & Personality where it was very sophisticated. And so VERY FRESH to see to the Democratic, Independent, & Republican Electorate was so impressive TBH. But wasn’t enough for him to be sent into the finish line of his Mayoral Campaign nor his Presidential one which really had the Yang Gang TASTE those back-to-back bittersweet losses.

I think the next thing for the Yang Gang is to keep moving forward and I hope that some of Yang Supporters be fired up to run for Federal & State Public Offices in the 2022 Mid-Term Elections like the 1st Batch of Yang-Gang Democratic Political Candidates on the 2020 US General Elections. I understand and get that we need someone like Andrew Yang in particular to be in Office too along with you guys who support him & his Policies but for me and some of his other like he really should just continue trying to help the American People in anyways without letting the Grifters to Symbolized it as a Political Move for 2024. But I’m still wanting to see him became a US President someday as well but that’ll be far for know and we should be willing to wait till then, and hopefully when the time comes he decides to gear up another Presidential Run we should be their for him 100% even though he might say the wrong things in our view BUT he wants to see all Americans Prosper then why shouldn’t we on his back fully right?

After all I believed that this movement like Bernie & Trump’s Political Movements can & will still be alive and going to rise again in the right time. And this isn’t just about Yang himself of the UBI Policy Proposal of his, its about all of us ordinary people wherever we are in this Planet and making a stand. So we must come together and say that our government should work for ALL of us humanely.



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EJ Sergio

EJ Sergio

19 yr old Filipino, Enthusiastic at Philosophy, Policies, & Politics, currently College Student